Dr Flavia Bustreo
Italy's candidate for Director-General of the World Health Organization

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Book chapters

Bustreo F, Franz-Vasdeki J, Kuruvilla S, Maliqi B, Hinton R. The role of policy making for investing in women's and children's health. In: Scheffler RM, ed. World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy: World Scientific; 2016.

Bustreo F, Godfrey K, Hanson M, Poston L, Stephenson J. Pre-conception health. In: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2014. The health of the 51%: Women. London: Department of Health, 2015. 

Bustreo F. Postscript: towards ending maternal mortality Bustreo. In; Hunt P, Gray T. Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability. Studies in the Maternal, pp:111-112;  2014,

Bustreo F. Providing for the Most Vulnerable in the Twenty-First Century. In: More with Less: Disasters in an Era of Diminishing Resources. Ed. Kevin M. Cahill. Fordham UP, pp. 77-94; 2012. 

Requej JH, Bustreo F. Response to: Global Perspectives on the Well-Being of Children. In: Worthman  CM Plotsky, PM Schechter, and Cummings, CA (eds.) Formative Experiences: The Interaction of Caregiving, Culture, and Developmental Psychobiology. Cambridge University Press, pp. 549–560; 2010.